Thursday, 21 July 2011


Tecky Hague                                               handmade bird lovelies

Rachel Eardley                               silversmith/artist      handmade silver and gold jewellery

Haven                                           retro and vintage textiles and more

The Devil Makes Work                            handmade from vintage textiles

Daisy Darling Millinery                           handmade hats and headgear .

Bubs Bears                                           handmade bears etc. using vintage fabrics
Sommervilles                                    rare and interesting books 
Emma Hassel                            jewellery made with retro vintage beads etc.

Izzi                             handmade jewels and more  using vintage textiles etc.

Gill Norman                             dark and exotic Oriental Antiques and decorative 
                                        Somerton Antiques Centre

Fanny Adams                                             vintage and original clothing

Eclectic Bliss                                                    vintage china and more

what a lot of lovelies! I can't wait to see it all come together, don't forget that we shall also have Auntie Lu-Lu's cream teas, a display of vintage cars and THE MUTT BUNCH will be serenading us with some live numbers.....x

A lovely of stallholders

My 4yr old has taught me that a group of ladybirds is called a 'lovely', I thought that this described the lovely stallholders at the Buttercross Vintage Market perfectly. Here they are:

Me, Mary Hossack, chief Lovely?! 
                               www.hossackandgray.co.uk                             bespoke upholstery and curios

Erika Hart, trading at  
                            www.brackleyantiquecellar.co.uk                       retro / antiques / paintings

Donna Flower 
                                    www.donnaflower.com                             antique and vintage textiles etc.

Kathy Joyce and Vintage 57
                               www.vintage57.com                                                bespoke upholstery 

Sue Meager
                                  www.dairyhouseantiques.co.uk         vintage and antique textiles etc.
Two for Joy                                                                     
                             www.twoforjoy-somerset.co.uk        painted and upcycled furniture & gifts

Gwen Rogers                                                                     
                                       Guard House Antiques, Wells        antques, textiles jewellery and fashion

Sally Hannam                                                                                       
                                        www.dairyhouseantiques.co.uk                       brocante & textiles 

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


We now have so many exciting and interesting things and people on board for the Vintage Market. I am so happy about how positive people are about taking part, just what Somerton needs!

In the mean time the family and I are packing and re-packing like mad for our jaunt to France. Trying not to take too much clobber so that we can fill the boot with goodies we find. Number 1 son is not taking any trains as he has informed me he will be playing Wink Murder most of the time. I hope his younger sisters are up for it! I have bought a Pass the Pigs, remember that? Double Snouter anyone?

Hossack and Gray are busy with projects, and have plans to cover a lovely boudoir sofa in some antique linen sheets and have designed a new sofa that they will patchwork in similar. As for me, it gives me an excuse to find, sew, dye some more in France...thanks for lending us the roofbox Lou!

Enjoy the summer....x

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Buttercross Vintage

I think I have now written this about 3 times, so I'm jumping in feet first! 

Welcome to my blog!

Firstly a bit about me:
I help my husband with his business Hossack and Gray, and advise him (in most ways, solicited and unsolicited) Home is in the heart of Somerset with my beautiful children, pussycat and chickens. I love making things happen and am running a new and exciting event in the calender on the 11th September 2011. I'll tell you more about it all as it unfolds. In the mean time I'm going to sit back and let the scent of sweetpeas wash over me and relax ready for another busy day tomorrow.