Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Buttercross Vintage

I think I have now written this about 3 times, so I'm jumping in feet first! 

Welcome to my blog!

Firstly a bit about me:
I help my husband with his business Hossack and Gray, and advise him (in most ways, solicited and unsolicited) Home is in the heart of Somerset with my beautiful children, pussycat and chickens. I love making things happen and am running a new and exciting event in the calender on the 11th September 2011. I'll tell you more about it all as it unfolds. In the mean time I'm going to sit back and let the scent of sweetpeas wash over me and relax ready for another busy day tomorrow.


  1. Well done Mary, welcome to the world of blogging! I am celebrating my 6th blogaversary today, the same day you start yours. We can celebrate together next year x

  2. Well done, great blog.. we will follow with interest..Lizzie xxx

  3. Thanks Gals, hopefully mine will get a little more interesting....! x