Wednesday, 20 July 2011


We now have so many exciting and interesting things and people on board for the Vintage Market. I am so happy about how positive people are about taking part, just what Somerton needs!

In the mean time the family and I are packing and re-packing like mad for our jaunt to France. Trying not to take too much clobber so that we can fill the boot with goodies we find. Number 1 son is not taking any trains as he has informed me he will be playing Wink Murder most of the time. I hope his younger sisters are up for it! I have bought a Pass the Pigs, remember that? Double Snouter anyone?

Hossack and Gray are busy with projects, and have plans to cover a lovely boudoir sofa in some antique linen sheets and have designed a new sofa that they will patchwork in similar. As for me, it gives me an excuse to find, sew, dye some more in France...thanks for lending us the roofbox Lou!

Enjoy the summer....x

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